Woman makes healthy smoothies for happy horses

Woman and her horses

Emma Massingale is a renowned horse trainer and adventurer. Here, she takes a break from riding her horses. She stands before the camera and advises on how important building a relationship with your horse is. In front of her is a nice collection of fruits and molasses.

Why does she have it? Emma explains that horses need to get dewormed. The paste is nasty-tasting, so she is going to make a smoothie with nice-tasting fruit. While she talks about this, a mischievous pooch comes to sniff around the table!

She starts with a strawberry smoothie. After putting in strawberries, she breaks carrots and puts them into the jug. The next thing Emma does is put some water and blend away. She takes a cup and tastes some of the blended fruits.

Woman making smoothies for horses

Emma Massingale makes a banana smoothie next. And as she leaves to rinse the jug, the dog comes back to eat from the table. When Emma returns, she slices up apples for an apple smoothie. Then Emma makes the horses’ favorite, a carrot smoothie with molasses.

“It’s just about giving them a nice experience. If they are happy to have something syringed in their mouths, and they think it’s gonna be a pleasant experience and they’re gonna keep that in their mind when it comes to giving them those things that perhaps don’t taste quite so nice.”

Emma puts a bit of everything for the last smoothie and thickens it with some natural thickening agent. The first horse, Custard, loves the molasses. Emma goes to find the little ponies, who are more than happy to suck on the syringes

Finally, Emma calls the Connemara horses, which come in their majestic white. They enjoy it as much as all the other horses. Maybe even more so! Charlie the donkey joins the bunch to get some of that sweet, sweet smoothie.

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