This Woman Modified Her Kid’s Pushchair. At First I Didn’t Get It—Then I Saw The Result! AMAZING!

When you’re a mother, it is as if you had another full time job. It’s very difficult, and moms need any help that they can get to deal with the problems and struggles that come on a day to day basis. When you want to take a walk with your baby, there’s really nothing better than a stroller, but even those are not all that easy to handle, especially when you are carrying more stuff besides your kid. The stroller mods that the mom made in the video are surely very helpful!

You can use the hacked stroller to hang anything that you don’t want to carry yourself, such as a baby supply pack, or even shopping bags. She also added tape that reflects light easily, so that you can be safer when you’re walking in the dark. And, in case you need more stability for your wheels, you can put zip ties in them! And that’s not all, since every part of the stroller can still be washed and cleaned with soap and water. You can even make it a fun experience to share with your kids! Car-wash for strollers!

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