Three Calves Rescued – One is FULL of Energy

Life can deal tragic hands, but when a Good Samaritan comes along the way to lend you a helping hand, you can thank your lucky stars. And if Blitzen could thank his stars, he probably would.

The by-product of a dairy farm, a whole bunch of calves was being put up at a cattle auction. Of course, the best and healthiest were quickly snapped up, but Blitzen was so young that he couldn’t survive without his mother, and he wasn’t picked, along with a few other calves.


Susie Coston saw a bunch of people making fun of the poor, defenseless creature and didn’t agree with their rude comments. Being the National Shelter Director of a Farm Sanctuary, she knew what to do next.

Understanding the dangers of taking a calf away from its mother too early could lead to a myriad of infectious diseases, she knew she had to intervene if the calf’s life was to be saved. She purchased Blitzed, and two other calves Alexander and Lawrence and the three stooges were quickly transported to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals for a vet checkup and medical attention.


The vets there identified that the little calf was in dire need of a blood transfusion. Thanks to Susie’s quick thinking, the calf had a speedy recovery and was soon prancing around on his tiny feet.

Six years down the line, Blitzen is now one healthy and happy cow – all thanks to Susie. You really need to watch the video to see how far he’s come. I love the way he prances and dances around happily on the farm – joyful to be with his humans. This is pure joy at its finest. One kind act could mean the world of difference to someone else.

Three Calves Rescued – One is FULL of Energy