Woman notices her dogs taking an afternoon nap, films a hilarious surprise

The love and companionship we get from our pets are what we cherish most but we also greatly appreciate all the laughs they give us.

Our pets’ antics — and even more, their antics went wrong — can send us into hysterics, sometimes also rolling around on the floor with the little comedians. Cats and their crazy shenanigans dominate the internet, and this makes it easy for us to lose sight of the fact that dogs also possess tremendous comedic talent.

It’s no accident that Basset Hounds are a highly favorite breed of dog. Initially, these floppy-eared, short-legged dogs were bred for hunting rabbits. This explains why their sense of smell is unbelievably acute, even by the extremely high standards of dogs in general.

Nowadays, Basset Hounds lead far less active lives as family pets. They’re typically docile, gentle, friendly, and playful. They also tend to get along well with children and other pets. So there’s a lot to like about Basset Hounds; even their droopy faces are endearing.

Gretchen Hoey has five — yes, that’s right, five — Basset Hounds in her house. Fortunately for her sanity, this quintet is very well behaved and seldom provide any misbehavior-based comedy. But as you’ll see in the video posted below, these Basset Hounds can still be very, very funny.

Gretchen immediately reached for her camera when she noticed that all five of them had somehow crammed themselves into a single Dogloo for an afternoon nap.  When she came closer, the dogs woke up and came bounding out one by one.

You’re left wondering how they managed it. Did the dogs somehow suspend the laws of physics so they could all fit in there? How did they decide who had to be on the bottom of the pile? It’s a total mystery, but the result could not have been cuter. They’re like clowns emerging from a tiny car!

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Woman notices her dogs taking an afternoon nap, films a hilarious surprise