Woman Is Obnoxious To Hard Worker With Down’s Syndrome. I LOVED The Cashier’s Reaction!

We’ve been ask to turn the other way in tough situations that could lead to conflict. Many times we are reminded that, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me.” Since childhood that saying has been blasted into my mind, but it’s never that easy practice, especially when you dealing with someone being an obnoxious vexation!

I can tolerate people for the most part, but the woman in this story seems particularly out of line. I’m not sure what happened to her this day but she is tough to say the very least. I felt anxious as I heard this woman make her comments but the way the clip ends is worth the wait as it made me feel so much better.

It’s happened to us all, being behind a bagger or a customer who is super slow or can’t seem to make a decision, but patience is truly the key. When a person is special, we should all take a step back and breath a moment instead of getting frustrated and flying off at the handle. That always makes you look a little nuts

So when this cashier spoke up and defended his coworker it’s really priceless.  This story is an uplifting one but I wish it were not real because I don’t like the thought of someone being insensitive to a bagger like that. More tolerance is what is needed out there in the world today for sure. We can all put some sensitivity to good use and hopefully this was a feel good video for you. Please let us know either way by leaving and comment and then sharing the video all around!

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