Woman Opens Sanctuary For Older Dogs To Live Out Days. Their Reaction? Heart-Warming

Dogs, like people, get old. It’s hard to care for them when that happens, and many people send them to a shelter. It’s not a good or fair way for them to live out their final days. They deserve to be in a house, where they are loved. Staff at these places care, but their attention is divided. It’s too easy for them to be forgotten. Enter Sher Polvinale, who runs the House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary.

She’s converted her house into a place where old dogs can live out their remaining days. She gets help from the government and also from donors. Caring for some of them can get really expensive, but it’s worth it for her. She gets by with a lot of help from volunteers who come in and do everything from scooping up doggie poop to grooming them to putting diapers on them to helping the upkeep of the place.

The place is located in Maryland and it’s a wonderful thing she’s doing. The video shows all kinds of dogs in all sizes and shapes. Some need wheels to get around, but there’s no lack of love here. The dogs have the run of the place and they get to play as much as they want. They get fed too and are often taken to the vet. One dog in the video needed special surgery, something that Polvinale did without blinking an eye.

Much like those who work or volunteer at a nursing home or a hospice, the toughest part of the job is saying goodbye to the dogs as they pass on. They are never left alone when they pass, and Sher has set up a memorial for all of them. She puts a photo of them in a frame with their name on it and puts it on a wall. The longer she runs this place, the more pictures on the wall. These dogs leave this world knowing they are loved.

What an awesome thing she’s doing for these dogs. Don’t you think so? Please tell us in the comments below!

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