Woman Has Her Parking Spot Stolen But She Proceeds To Get Epic Revenge

“Road rage” is a thing now, although maybe it always has been. But if things can get a little ‘tense’ out on the open road, a crowded parking lot is a real pressure cooker. If you’ve ever snaked through a parking lot over and over, you know the sheer joy you experience when a space opens up. What’s downright enraging is finding one only to have some other sneaky driver steal it from right under your nose. And that brings us to the video you’ll find posted below.

The driver of the red car is just about to start backing into a parking spot when some jerk in a white car darts in. Even more galling, the driver of the white car doesn’t even park properly; they’re all the way off to one side of the space. Fortunately, the driver of the red car has good reflexes, and she doesn’t smash into the white car.


The driver of the red car must have been in a purple rage. But in addition to having quick reflexes, she thinks quickly, too. The lousy parking job by the driver of the white car presents her with an opportunity. She picks up where she left off and resumes backing into the parking space. Both cars are small, so there’s actually room for the two of them. She’s careful to stay close to the white car without hitting it.

Once the red car is in there, the driver of the white car is stuck. They can’t open the doors on either side. It would seem that the lady in the red car is in the same predicament, but she has an ace up her sleeve: her car is a convertible. With one press of a button, her car’s roof folds away, and she gets out by climbing out over the trunk. Win-win for the lady in the red car.