Woman Plays “Hey Jude” Beautifully While Tiny Puppy Enjoys The Song

Malinda Herman is a loving owner of a tiny chihuahua who just loves music. The two play a rendition of “Hey Jude” together with Malinda taking the lead on guitar and vocals. The little one appears to be lulled by the music, sharing the feeling of appreciation and togetherness with his caring human.

This woman and her chihuahua puppy prove that the beauty behind the performance indeed shines brighter than the talent itself. Her guitar is good, and her singing is pure & heartfelt, but together with that tiny puppy, she puts her whole heart into the song, creating something that is perfect in the process.

Once you see Malinda Herman and her chihuahua puppy enjoying the soothing sound of “Hey Jude,” you’ll fall in love with the timeless song all over again. Her fantastic vocal ability combined with genuine emotion make this a rendition that may tear you up – what a brilliant way to brighten the day.

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