Woman poses for maternity shoot, she is shocked when the photography team tells her to turn around

Pregnancy is a wonderful time. A woman’s body goes through changes, it matures and almost magically creates a new life. A blogger named Jazzy was expecting a second baby with her partner Rich. They thought they should record this magical stage of their lives with a photo shoot to commemorate the event. Little did she know, she would end up getting a lot more than a photo shoot on that day.

The event was recorded by fellow bloggers, who record and upload snippets of their life to their YouTube Channel. They are known as A RICH and JAZZY Life. The video they recorded that day has since gone viral. The video starts with Jazzy being on her way to get her makeup done for the shoot. She describes the weather and the fact that it has been rainy for the past few days. Fortunately, today is sunny and bright. The video then goes to a different scene. Jazzy is no longer there. Rich starts talking to the camera and explains:

“So, Jasmine’s in there [getting her makeup done…] She thinks that we’re going for a maternity shoot. But, in fact, this is much bigger than that. This is actually an engagement shoot.” He continues to say: “I’ve had her ring, and I’ve been trying to think of how I can give it to her, because she claims, for years now, she’s going to see it coming a mile away. She’s going to know when I’m about to propose, and it won’t be a surprise… But I’m thinking she’s going to be pretty surprised.”

Next, we see the couple on their way to the photo shoot location. Jazzy is looking good with curls and a form-fitting, baby-pink dress that flares open. She is a proud mommy and she’s not afraid to show her adorable bump.

The photographers from Stashe Photography know about the surprise and are just as excited as Rich to see what Jazzy’s reaction will be. They take a few family shots in front of a stunning waterfall backdrop. The photographers next tell Jazzy to turn around for the next photo. This is when the surprise comes!

She is totally shocked! And to think that Jazzy had her doubts about Rich being able to surprise her. I’m guessing that her face looked surprised enough for him… Rich’s heart-warming surprise has gone viral and viewed almost 2 million times since it was uploaded on July 7th, 2017. Click on the video to see the magical surprise.