A woman is pulled over by a hunky cop. What she tells him will make you LOL!

When was the last time you were pulled over by an officer? Scary, isn’t it? In an age where police brutality is an everyday topic, getting pulled over by the police is something that can make anyone nervous. Ever since the Rodney King incident, more people have been carrying their cell phones and recording everything they deem as suspicious.

We’ve all seen police officers step out of line, but I think not enough time has been spent on focusing on all the positive things that they do. One time, I saw this video of a police officer who found out about a little girl that had been caught stealing at her local 7-Eleven. He responded to the incident and once he found out that the girl had been stealing food for herself and her brothers, he paid what was owed himself.

It turned out that this girl and her brothers had been abandoned by her mother. Her father, unfortunately, was not present most of the time because he would be going and coming out of jail more often that they would’ve liked. The day she had been caught stealing, it had been because she and her brothers had not eaten in the last few days.

She didn’t really what to do, so she saw stealing as the only choice she had. After that, the two became friends and they started with a sort of little ritual that they had. The officer would stop by her house on the way to work and she would wave goodbye by the window. This would mean that everything was alright, and the officer would then go to work.

He tried to stop by as often as he could, until one day he stopped by and she wasn’t by the window. He got out of his car and went in, only to discover that she and her brothers were very sick. He then took them to the hospital where they found them to be sick and severely dehydrated. The officer was a real lifesaver for them, if he hadn’t gone there, the result would’ve been a lot grimmer.

The case in the next video is a little different but still worth mentioning. A woman is stopped by an officer and when she sees him, she’s not afraid nor she feels intimidated. She’s actually taken by the fact that the officer is very good-looking. So much, that she cannot take her eyes off him and showers him with compliments. Click on the video to see this hilarious exchange!