Woman Questions This Dogs After A Crime Has Been Committed. Their Reaction Will Leave You FLOORED!

Every now and then, a new video comes out and goes viral in a matter of hours. These kinds of clips are so adorable, it’s very hard to resist them. On this particular case, we will see a dog showing his guilt in the most hilarious way possible. A woman went into her house and discovered that someone had stolen a cookie without anyone’s permission. There’s only two possible guilty pups, Harley and Loa, a couple of cute black Labradors. Their reaction to their Mom’s questioning is incredible!

In order to find out who the culprit is, the woman has to question both dogs directly. You see, sometimes dog get a bit confused, because they are so loyal that they don’t want to let any of their friends down. The pups are forced to make a choice between their best human friend and their best dog friend, and it doesn’t seem to be an easy one. Mom calmly explains to them that it’s okay to turn the other one in, because it would help her find out the truth.

You’ll fall in love with both of them after you see their reaction. Truly, dogs are the most loyal friends out there!

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