A woman recorded her husband as he was bathing their baby. They’re the cutest!

If you’re know someone who recently has become a dad, or if you’re a dad yourself, you’re going to want to take some tips from this video! Being a father requires lots of sacrifices, and most of them aren’t of the economic kind. Dads need to give themselves out, put their ego aside, forget about the whole “macho” stereotype to be able to let their real self come into play when other people need him. All of this, just to provide their kids with everything that they need, like the dad featured in the video we put below!

This adorable family moment was recorded by a mom, when she was sneaking behind her husband as he was giving their lovely baby a bath. He wasn’t just doing it with extreme care and dedication, but he gave all the extras that mark the difference between being cared for by and adult and being raised by a loving parent. He definitely is an inspiration for all fathers out there. If you don’t have any kids yet, this video might even change your mind!

Enjoy this cute video just below. Aren’t they just adorable together? Share the video if you liked it, and leave a comment!