Woman hears noise in the bushes and finds a little, tiny black piglet

Jenny was an animal lover who already had a dog, cat, and horse as her pets. While her son was playing outside, he noticed a tiny black pig one day. Unfortunately, it had stormed the night before they found her, so the little piglet (later named Pepper) was shivering and cold.

When Jenny’s son saw that the little baby was all by herself and there was no sign of any other sibling or mom being around, he knew that she needed to be taken in. Pepper was pretty dramatic for the first few weeks.

For the first couple of weeks, she would follow Jenny and her son around everywhere and make the loudest noises at them as if she was talking to her mom. Pepper really thought Trout, the family’s pet dog, was her sibling. She wanted to do everything that he did.

One night, when Jenny headed out of the door, she could not find Pepper and Trout anywhere. Then she noticed them in the distance. The little piglet was right behind the dog and followed Trout every way.

Jenny found it very cute that the two of them had gone on this adventure independently. However, she was glad that they returned and could find them. Since that moment, Pepper and Trout had formed a kind of bond. They were always together.

Trout welcoming Pepper into the family was so good for the baby piglet. Trout was a small dog and was around her size. Jenny thought that was the reason why Pepper was not intimidated by him.

They had become best friends and knew each other well. Jenny was so happy that their family could take Pepper in and raise her. The piglet was a great addition to her family. She made everyone smile.

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Woman hears noise in the bushes and finds a little, tiny black piglet