This Woman Has Rescued Over 200 Dogs After Saving Their Lives For 26 Years! WOW

Today, we will show you a video of an extraordinary woman who isn’t like anyone you’ve ever seen. Her name is Jung Myoung Sook, and despite her generous age of 61 years, she’s not like you’d expect from a regular grandma. The truth of the matter is, she has been doing an amazing work for the last 26 years of her life. She’s dedicated to saving the lives of dogs for all that time!

And she’s not a wealthy person who has invested money in doing that either. Obviously something like that is still amazing, but it’s important to remark that Jung has done all the work with her own two hands. Over the course of all of her amazing work and career she has saved the life of over 2 hundred dogs, and she’s taken care of each and every one of them with all of her love.

Not only does she give all the dogs the food and shelter that they need; she also spends her own personal money buying dogs that are en route to the slaughterhouse, she really gives her all to try and save all the doggies that she can!

Watch this touching dog rescue story in the video right below.

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