When This Woman Rescued This Homeless And Injured Poodle, She Wasn’t Expecting Her To Do THIS!

Hope For Paws hardly needs an introduction. It is a non-profit animal rescue organization that rescues dogs and all other animals from horrifying conditions in the streets and in shelters. Rescue From The Hart is another such non-profit dog rescue organization that has been taking action to protect abandoned and forgotten pets everywhere.

This rescue was a joint collaboration between these amazing establishments. They received a call that a homeless poodle had been hit by a car. They found her all alone by the side of the road. She was injured and scared but as soon as she experienced the kindness of the rescuer, she showered her with love. This rescuer was brought to tears by this little poodle’s kisses and gratitude, and so was I.

They named her Layla. On the outside, she had no visible injuries, but she was found to be severely wounded and had be hospitalized for two weeks, and recovery was a struggle. Her intestines were damaged. With each passing day, her foster parents came to visit and showered her with love. They gave her a reason to get better.

But she healed with time and went home to her foster family in about two weeks. There she could run and play and make friends with their dog. Her hair is growing back and she is so cute. This little sweetie deserves a forever home.

Watch this touching video below. Let us know your thoughts about Layla and her recovery in the comments!

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