Woman rescues 501 horses from slaughter and starts a sanctuary

Brave woman with horses she rescued

One woman decided enough was enough, and she decided to do something about it. She’s an inspiration for anyone with a conscience and a heart.

Horses, in their thousands, are transported to slaughterhouses, where they meet a dreary fate at the butcher’s knife. Their ordeal ended when an angel came to their rescue.

A beautiful Californian, Alicia Goetz, with a heart of gold, could not withstand the barbaric human act. She built a large abode, one like a heavenly sanctuary, to house the stallions.

Rescued horses

Alicia has rescued over 500 horses to date with her superhuman hands, and she’s just getting started. She took a step further in her wildlife protection activism; Alicia founded Freedom Reign Equine Sanctuary.

The structure was set in 2012, spanning over 3,000 acres in the verdant field of San Benito County, California. Now the horses loiter around the field freely, enjoying the brisk outdoors.

New intakes are quarantined before mingling with the residents. The horses are vaccinated and enjoy two hoof trimmings per year. The herds have grown tremendously; young goals are seen jumping around.

Some private tourists come around to view the sanctuary Alicia has built. The wildlife rehabilitator has not gotten a dime from donations but works tirelessly to maintain the sanctuary all by herself.

Stallions find the safe haven welcoming, no matter their background. Their gratitude to Alicia knows no border. She strives endlessly to give endangered horses at the slaughterhouse a second chance.

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