Woman retires and lives the best life in a Tiny Home on Social Security

Tiny homes have become all the rage these days. With TV shows offering a glimpse into this new and appealing lifestyle, many have decided to invest in the world’s smallest home.

Luanne recently retired, and her dog Bentley is her best friend. She had a tiny custom Home built for her to spend her golden years without the hassle of big bills and maintenance.

Her tiny home is filled with beautiful Christmas decorations. Luanne tells viewers that downsizing has helped her live the life of her dreams. Her home is located in a tiny home village with others who have converted to this lifestyle.

Luanne calls her home ‘The Nest,’ and she recalls how she was fascinated by tiny homes. Luanne says, “I was fascinated by living in a space that had only exactly what you need.”

Luanne says that it was freeing to not have all of the stuff anymore. After watching tons of videos, she decided to commit. Her home cost $79,000, and it took 18 months from the time of the deposit until the move-in.

Her rent for the land is $200 a month, her water bill is $25 a month, and her electric bill is very cheap. The cozy home is decorated for the holidays with garland outlining her red front door.

There’s wood lap siding and white trim with a black metal roof that sounds amazing in the rain, according to Luanne, although her dog Bentley doesn’t enjoy it. The entire home is 10 feet wide by 28 feet long, and the roof is 13 feet tall. The main living area fits 10 people for a dinner party, and Luanne loves her community. She says, “The community is a huge part of being here, and I’ve made some incredible friends.”

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Woman retires and lives the best life in a Tiny Home on Social Security