Woman reunites baby sloth stranded on a beach with mama

Woman reunites baby sloth with mama

Recently, a kind woman, an employee of the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica, found a tiny three-fingered baby sloth stranded on a nearby lonely beach.

Mama sloth

The poor little one was all alone, and it felt as if the young one somehow accidentally got away from the mama sloth. The baby was crying for his mother continuously. Fortunately, the woman found the young one calling for help.

She immediately took the baby sloth to the vet to check if he was unharmed. After that, she searched the whole area to find where the mama sloth was and then played the recorded voice of the baby crying.

Woman reunites baby sloth with mama

This got the mother’s attention. The woman waited patiently for the baby sloth’s mom to come down the tree to get the baby. It took a long time, but the plan succeeded. After that, the adult sloth started to come down slowly.

The mother could not gather the courage to come down to the ground and stopped halfway down the tree. So, the brave rescuer went close to the tree and held the baby up in her palms with her hands held upwards.

Mama sloth and baby

She somehow climbed closer to the mama sloth, which was when the mother grabbed the little one in her arms and took the young sloth back up to the canopy.

Before she left, the mama sloth turned around and looked at the kind woman one last time as if she thanked her for reuniting her with the baby. She then headed back to their home with her child.

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Woman reunites baby sloth stranded on a beach with mama