Woman Saves Handicapped Kitten From Euthanasia. His Transformation Is AMAZING.

Many times, either people or animals are written off because of handicaps or defects. Other people look at them and just think that they will be a burden on them since they will need help getting around and doing other functions. They fail to see what good the handicapped or deformed person can do. Thank goodness one person didn’t feel repulsed when she saw this kitty.

People found this kitty on the streets of Egypt. His hind legs were not walking at all and people there were ready to euthanize him. Athina saw something in his behavior though, a friendly purring spirit, so she took him from Egypt to the United States and had him rehabilitate himself to be able to walk successfully. There were a lot of naysayers and doubters, but she was sure he could do it, as this video shows.

Lt. Dan is a feisty fighter, that’s for sure. He’s determined to rehab himself so that he can walk without any kind of assistance. The video shows him walking with a harness, but two months later, he doesn’t even need that. What an incredible story! Now he’s with a foster family and is motoring around like any other cat. None of us should give in when an obstacle is in the way. Make it a speed bump, not a wall.

I’m glad that Athina didn’t listen to those who said that Lt. Dan should be euthanized. That should be the absolute last resort, not the first thing that people think of when it comes to animas with any kind of handicap or disfigurement. It’s not fair to them and it could snuff out a bright light like Lt. Dan before they even get a chance to shine. Thanks to Athina and those who helped this kitty rehab, it’s a bright light, indeed!

Isn’t Lt. Dan so cute? I’d adopt him in a second. How about you? Wouldn’t you adopt him? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this cute little fellow. Please leave a comment below!

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