Woman saves lonely goose with love and friendship

An abandoned goose made an unexpected friend at a local park before being placed in a wildlife sanctuary.

When Cheryl Allison visited her local park, she was surprised to find a domestic goose near the water. She was even more surprised when the goose ran directly up to her.

The lonely goose was friendless and isolated, and after Cheryl saved him from running into the nearby street, he became her best friend.

The goose that she named Honk would meet her every day at the park, sitting beside her and enjoying the friendship that had formed.

Afraid that her new goose friend would eventually get struck by a car in the street, Cheryl found a forever home for Honk at a wildlife sanctuary.

Now, Cheryl can visit her best friend whenever she wants – and she can do so with the comfort that he is safe and has made new friends in his new home.

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Woman saves lonely goose with love and friendship