This Woman Saw The Terrible Misery Around Her And Decided To Do Something About It…

20 years ago Lori saw something disheartening. She saw the homeless and less fortunate dogs relied on compassion, love, and friendship; but that those qualities were not enough because people often didn’t have the resources they needed to take care of these dogs.

In response Lori created the Downtown Dog Rescue, a not-for-profit that assists low income families when they need help taking care of their pets. Lori told CNN, “I would pass people that were living on the street with their animals. They didn’t have a collar. They were feeding their dog, say, rice and whatever food they could get.”

Pets often receive resources before their owners, but things like having enough food to eat, being able to afford medical care, vaccines, spaying or neutering, and tons of other resources; are denied in low income neighborhoods. This video shows you the incredible work that Downtown Dog Rescue is doing in Los Angeles.

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