Woman Says Hello To A Wild Bear, And You Won’t Believe The Way He Responded

You probably have guessed this already, but we love to share videos of animals being adorable with you, and we have seen countless videos of dogs and cats doing all sorts of crazy things. However, we know that they are not the only ones with crazy antics saved up. The most social animals are the ones with the most hilarious footage, sure, but every now and again, videos like this one come from out of nowhere to remind us of the greatness that the whole animal kingdom has to offer.

Bears are, without a doubt, one of the most feared animals across the world. Few animals on this Earth are as violent and deadly as a mother bear protecting one of her cubs. But, if what we can take from the following video is true, all you need is to give them some food and you’ll have them right at your side. Not! Don’t ever try this because this video shows a very unique situation and if you try it, you will likely get a very different result! This clip became an internet classic since the day it was posted, and it’s easy to see why, but it is a very unusual situation and you should not ever be encouraged to feed the bears! You never know how they might react, and it probably won’t be like this guy.

What happens is a woman notices a bear on the side of the road, and decides to wave at him. But she never expected the bear to react this way. It’s so hilarious! You have to watch him for yourself.

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