Woman Sees Barefoot Boy Outside Shoe Store. I Was Stunned What Happened Later.

There are times when we are presented with a conundrum. We might see someone in dire straits … a man, a woman, or a child. Would we stop everything that we were doing to help them or would we be wary that a trap might have been set? If we stopped, we might get mugged. Sadly, there are those who prey on Good Samaritans. Fortunately, the woman in this video didn’t have that happen.

We see the video, which is a story told over a background of a kid’s bare feet. A woman was walking down Broadway when she saw a barefoot boy of about 10 standing in front of a shoe store, shivering. It was a cold day and the woman asked what he was doing. He said he was praying to God for a pair of shoes. This is not acceptable to the woman and she decides to take immediate action.

The kind-hearted woman brings the cold child into the store. The first thing she grabs is some socks. Then she takes him to a washroom and washes his feet and puts the socks on. Then she buys him a pair of shoes and puts them on his feet. Now he has a pair of shoes and a bunch of socks to rotate. She asks him if he’s more comfortable. The boy, who had been praying to God for a miracle, grabs her arm and asks her, “Are you God’s wife?”

This is a great story. Don’t know how true it actually is, but it does make one think about the value of paying it forward. Whoever wrote it did a good job of tugging at the heartstrings. How many people would have passed by the boy standing there? Why did the woman just give him shoes and not take him, say… to a police station where he wouldn’t have to live on the street? Sorry, I’m a bit too logical sometimes. It’s still nice to read.

What did you think of the story? What would you have done in this situation? Please leave your thoughts below.


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