Woman Sees Dog Hit By Car Screaming In Pain. She Stops And Changes Her Life

This is the story of a dog named Dodo. This is a story of courage and willpower. For some people, this may seem a story of tragedy and inhumanity. While human beings might be able to give displays of neglect, not everyone is like that. Dodo is from Greece. She suffered a terrible accident and was left for dead. A car struck her breaking her spine in several places.

She was left agonizing in the Street and crying. Her cries would be heard for miles. Most people in the street did not bother to even look. There was one special woman who did care. She would be a turning point in Dodo’s life. Her name is Linda. When she saw the dog, she stopped immediately. She took the dog in and did everything she could to make sure that she received all the care she needed.

Dodo thought she had finally found the family that would take care of her. One that would provide and assist her with everything she needed. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. She was neglected and left in the streets to fend for herself. When Linda found out, she took the dog back in. Her condition seemed to be very serious. Not only was she missing a leg but she was very close to losing the other one.

Her spine might have been broken, but her spirit wasn’t. She admired the dog’s will to survive, she would be placed in a wheelchair and she would be running around as if there was nothing wrong with her. There really wasn’t, not with her spirit. Caring about the dog became something very difficult to do. She constantly needed to have her bandages changed every so often. The antibiotic she was given was also having a negative effect on her. The only thing she could do about it would have her tail and other limb amputated. She had it done and finally, Dodo was free.

She was free from everything that had been holding her back. She didn’t have to worry about bandages, medication or anything else really. Many people would’ve suggested to euthanize her. Why make her go through so much suffering? The reason Linda didn’t do this is because she was inspired. She was inspired by Dodo’s unrelenting will to live. This teaches everyone a lesson. Whenever you have a difficult day, a bad year or anything bad happens to you. Whenever you feel that life is not worth living… Think of Dodo. Click on the video for the incredible story.