Woman Sees Lone Deer Walking Around Her Snowy Yard. Their Interaction Was Fascinating.

Being up close to nature is an amazing thing. Many of us have stood near squirrels and various birds, but how many have looked out their window to see a deer standing mere feet away? I mean, that’s better than opening your windows and seeing a bear or mountain lion looking right back at you. It’s still enough to take your breath away. One woman had an opportunity to do this… though her actions might not have been the best in hindsight.

We see a woman standing in what looks like the plant room of a house. She’s got a water spout in her hand. She’s looking out the window at a deer, who is standing there about 10-15 feet away in a snow-covered backyard. She lifts her leg. The deer lifts her leg. Repeat. Then both legs. The woman is laughing and looking back at the person who is filming this on their phone. It goes on for a few more seconds before ending.

People are of several minds when watching this. Some think that the deer sees its own reflection in the window and is stomping at its reflection. Others think that the deer is feeling threatened and the stomping of the hooves is a warning to either its reflection or the lady behind it. Fortunately, there’s no follow-up about a deer crashing through the window, so it appears that it ended safely for everyone.

There’s a lot we don’t know about communication with other species. What may seem harmless and friendly to you might spook an animal. It’s almost a cultural thing, too. There are some countries where giving someone a thumbs-up is a grave insult. The Fonz from “Happy Days” could never have visited those countries. We always have to exercise caution when doing something around a wild animal. Otherwise, “cute” videos like this could turn out tragic.

Wasn’t the deer cute, though? This was one of those “Do As I Say, Don’t Do As I Do” type of videos, wouldn’t you agree? Have you had any interactions with wild animals? Tell us your stories in the comments below!

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