Woman sees neighbor’s dog staring over large wall. When She Finds Out How…

Dog owners agree on several things, one of which is that their dogs are funny. Sometimes they act weird. There have been a lot of videos that show dogs acting funny. Some of them act like a person would. Apparently, they have adopted so many human behaviors that they sometimes act like us. There are videos of dogs who can talk. Once you hear them, you could swear they are talking.

The other day I saw this video of a dog that likes to walk on its two back legs. His owners prompt him to walk on all fours, but he goes back to walking on two. There’s a dog who likes to eat with a fork tied to one of its legs. Whatever they give it to eat, the dog tries to pick up everything with the fork. The clip you are about to watch features a Scottish woman. What she sees is something she could not have expected.

The woman is out of her house. She is with her own dog, taking it out for a much-needed walk. She comes across a sight that made her look twice. Little does she know that she would end up stumbling across one of the funniest dogs that she will ever know.

Her own dog is a very funny dog. She likes to record it while he is being silly. She has recorded some pretty hilarious videos of her dog, but nothing like this. She gets closer to see what is going on. When she sees, she can’t believe it.

From what she can see, it seems as if the funny pup is simply trying to get a better look at the woman and her dog. People who have a dog will say that it runs to the door every time someone’s there. There are other times that the dog goes crazy when it hears the slightest of noises. A dog’s instinct is to investigate everything. It is in their genes.

The average dog might be brave enough and run to the window or the front door. There will go whenever they believe that their presence is needed. Not all of them will be willing to go to the type of lengths that this dog did. Fortunately for us, this woman quickly starts to record just in the nick of time. Thanks to her, we have this hilarious video for you to enjoy.