Woman Sets Up 15,000 Dominoes. The Chain Reaction Afterwards Left Me Breathless.

We’ve all played with dominoes at some point in our lives, usually at childhood. That’s where it’s usually left behind, but there are some who take their love to the next level. They come up with some truly intricate patterns that are unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. Many, many hours go into the planning of these, and it’s almost a shame to see them fall. The video that we see on this page is that stunning.

This video, which shows YouTube user “Hevesh5” – she even has a dominoes logo that’s really cool – setting up this massive undertaking. It took her 25 hours to do this. It’s amazing to see her steady hand as she sets them up. I’d be knocking stuff over left and right. It looks like a giant spiral that’s roughly eight feet or so. It’s actually a triple spiral and it’s amazing to watch when she starts the process.

It’s just mesmerizing to see all of these colored dominoes fall exactly the way she wanted them to. If I did that, one of them would be tilted JUST slightly wrong, and it would wind up looking like I tripped and fell in the middle of all of them. It’d be that bad. I admire those who can know exactly how a domino will fall onto the next one, especially on a scale like this. Doing 10 of them in a row would be daunting for me. 15,000? Wow.

I know it was all part of the plan, but at the end, when a plank started knocking over all the support beams that she had made, I just felt like it ruined all the perfect symmetry of what she had done. Dominoes wound up mixing with others. I’m funny that way. Sometimes I think things go TOO far. I’m the type that wishes an artist would stay with the underdrawing instead of painting over it. It was still very cool to see, though.

There is NO way that I could devote that much time to making something like this. My cats would walk into it 2 minutes after I started. How about you? Could you do that? Tell us in the comments below!

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