Woman sets up a hammock for big mama bear and her three little bears

Baby bears

Animals have been caught on camera doing the strangest things. A woman named Amy wanted to welcome a bear family that had been visiting her garden. She went all out to give the bears a fun experience in her yard.

Mama bear and her three little bears

Mother Bertha and young siblings Darryl and Darryl had been visiting Amy’s garden for a while. Amy had seen other bear families travel through her yard, but this crew stayed around longer.

Amy started by giving them rubber balls. The youngest bears would wrestle each other and play together, fighting over the ball. They rolled all over Amy’s garden.

Mama bear and her three little bears

The Mama bear was teaching them how to climb trees too. When Amy put out a giant plastic tub, the Mama bear went for a swim. She even played with a rubber ducky that Amy put in the water for her.

A few years ago, a bear broke Amy’s hammock. She decided to buy a new one for this family. The bears go wild for the new toy! They try to climb on and fall off hysterically.

Baby bear

The Mama and the two babies are on the hammock together at one point! They hold their balance for a little bit and then tumble to the ground. It is such a funny video because the bears are having such a great time!

Amy maintains a safe distance from the bears by filming on an outdoor security camera. When the bears are away from the garden, she puts out little surprises for them. Judging from the amount of fun they’re having, these bears may never leave!

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