Lady Grabs Mic at Walmart and Starts Singing, Seconds Later Her Song Is Going Viral

Woman sings in walmartShoppers at a local Walmart were astounded to hear live music in the store as they were going about their daily business.

Christina Kokonis-Viggers was strolling along the music aisle in the local store, when she impulsively grabbed the microphone of a karaoke machine and belted out “Maybe This Time” from the 1972 musical, “Cabaret.” Her voice is velvety soft and beautiful.

Woman sings in Walmart

Christina is a singer who usually shares her talents on the stage in Staten, but this live performance was entirely out of character for her.

Thanks to her friend, Amanda Lasher, who uploaded the video to the internet, the world has an opportunity to give a listen to the tune. Within seconds, it got the world’s attention with millions of views and counting.

Just an everyday woman with an exceptional voice. What makes her extremely beautiful is that she REAL.  There’s nothing fake, no put on. She just grabs the microphone and that makes it PERFECT. I love all the smiles she added while she was singing. Her happiness is positively contagious.

I could watch this and listen to her voice over and over again! Not only does she have a fabulous voice, her stage presence (even in Walmart!) is also amazing. Her smile, her positive energy, her beautiful face is star quality. Best wishes for a bright future!

If Christina’s divine performance at Walmart mesmerized you as it did me, share her video with your friends because they’ll like this, too.