Woman sings and soothes to this bull she rescued from slaughter

Patricia moved from the city to the countryside of Brazil in 2011. She and her husband, Vitor, had a plan: she would teach yoga, and he would grow organic food on their new farm.

However, Patricia soon had a vision. During a dream, she was visited by an old, wise lady who told Patricia that she needed to look after any and all living creatures.

Just the next day, the opportunity presented itself. Patricia’s friend asked her to take in a horse she could no longer take care of, and Santuario Vale de Rainha began.

Many different rescue animals live at the sanctuary. However, the bull is one of Patricia’s favorites. Initially designated for meat, the bull escaped and eventually found his way to Patricia’s farm.

Other people warned her that the bull was aggressive and might attack her, but this didn’t deter Patricia. She took care of the bull, visiting him and singing to him. Eventually, her persistence paid off.

When the bull laid his head down in Patricia’s lap, she was immediately moved. This wasn’t a one-time occurrence, though: nowadays, the bull routinely comes looking for Patricia in search of belly rubs! There are many animal lovers around the world, but not everyone gets the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Watching this video makes you realize truly how much Patricia (and her group of volunteers) care about their animals, who they refer to as “Masters.” “They teach us the importance of loving rather than being loved.” This video is a must-watch for any animal lover: prepare for “happy tears!”

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Woman sings and soothes to this bull she rescued from slaughter