Woman Sits In Kitchen Across From Cat. What They Both Did Next Amazed Me.

What’s easier? Training a cat or training yourself to walk on hot coals barefoot? Many people would take the hot coal training in a heartbeat. Why is that? Cats can be maddeningly independent – over 30 years of “Garfield” comics has taught me that. Well, that and having had three cats in 10 years. But there are those who can train them. Take a look at this woman and her Bengal cat, Kizzy.

The mommy is sitting in the kitchen with Kizzy, a Bengal cat. She’s getting him to do tricks and each time he does it, she gives him a treat. The tricks include “Give Me A High Five”, “Give Me Your Paw”, “Roll Over”, “Lay” and “Circle Around.” It’s impressive to see him do this, since training a cat is next to impossible, treats or no treats. Kizzy seems fairly eager, but there are times when he’s just glancing at her hand for the next treat.

There are some times during the video when Kizzy is just looking back at his mommy like, “You want me to do what? Roll over? OK. I’m going to do it, but I’m going to take my sweet time doing it. You’re giving me a treat, right? OK. I’m moving , I’m moving.” Even when they are trained, cats still show an independent streak. I’m surprised when he doesn’t just walk away when he realizes she doesn’t have any more treats in her hand.

I hope this video doesn’t give people hope that they can train their own cats. Sure, you can get them to use a litter box, but that’s more instinct than anything else. My cat still ignores me if I pat my lap and tell him to jump up. He does it, but he does it on his own terms, darn it. He also resists if I tell him to get off my lap. I’ll leave the training for those who actually enjoy banging their heads against a wall.

Wasn’t Kizzy so cute? The woman who made the video said they made it for “High-Five Day”, so that explains why there were so many of those. What did you think? Please leave a comment below!

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