Woman Stands On Stage To Audition For “The Voice: Holland.” What Happened Next? AMAZING!

The auditions for “The Voice” – whatever country it is – has to be nerve-wracking. There you are, in a large auditorium, with four large chairs facing away from you. Your goal is to sing well enough to make at least one of the judges hit a button in front of them that makes the chair spin around to face you. The longer that you sing and no chairs spin around. That’s got to create so much anxiety in you. Fortunately for Jennie Lena, who was on “The Voice: Holland”, that nervousness went away pretty quickly.

Her audition was pretty much a success from the very opening note of the song, which was a cover of “Who’s Loving You?” by Smokey Robinson. Well, it literally was, since when she wailed the opening part, two judges sat up straight and immediately banged the button to spin them around to show that they were interested in mentoring her. About three seconds later, the other two judges joined them and Lena’s family was jumping up and down cheering. The host of the show was just standing there, awestruck.

A couple of the judges then leaped up in their chairs to sway along to the song while she sang. One of them was so smitten by her voice that she kept banging her head on the button with joy. I hope she didn’t give herself a concussion…

Lena was amazing during her whole performance. Her outfit, though, reminded me of Debbie Gibson in 1988. If this 38-year-old was trying to look like a teenager in the 1980’s. that look succeeded. It turned out that she didn’t get the top honor during that season, but she was among the final four. Now her career can take off. Here’s hoping that we see a lot more of her… in more modern clothes.

What an incredible performance. I would have hit the “I Want You” button in record time too. How about you? What did you think of it? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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