Woman suffers seizure, saved by hero dog

When her owner suffered a seizure and collapsed on the sidewalk, Clover sprang into action and became a hero.

A woman is alive today, and it is all thanks to the rapid response of her faithful dog, Clover. While out on their daily walk, the owner collapsed due to a seizure.

Her dog Clover attempted to resuscitate her, becoming more agitated when her owner was unresponsive. Finally, she looked into the road, where cars were passing.

Unable to revive her owner, Clover risked her own safety and ran into the street, stopping a passing motorist. As he slowed, Clover walked toward her owner.

Clover guided the motorist toward her owner, and the man called the paramedics, who rushed her to the hospital. Her actions saved her owner’s life.

Today, she has made a full recovery and is back to taking Clover on long walks around the neighborhood. She credits her fast-thinking dog with saving her life.

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Woman suffers seizure, saved by hero dog