Woman Takes Cat Out Of Bathing Dish. I Couldn’t Believe What The Kitty Did Next!

Usually, bath time is the stuff of nightmares for mommies and daddies of cats. They have to do such things like donning thick gloves, football helmets and other forms of protection to keep from getting every square inch of their body slashed. There are exceptions to this scenario though – I know… hear me out. Yes… some cats really do enjoy bath time. No! Don’t click out! I’m not insane! Watch this compilation of cats having a blast in the tub.

I promise you, this is NOT CGI. These are real cats who truly like having liquid water splashed on them or even covering their entire body. We see one cat even climb BACK inside a full tub once his mommy takes him out. I know! It sounds positively apocalyptic… cats enjoying baths! But it’s an adorable video. I don’t recommend just picking up your own cat and throwing him or her into a tub after this… there are some that still hate water.

There are so many cute scenes in this video, it’s insanely difficult to choose which one is my favorite. I’d look at one and think that was definitely the one… and then another bedraggled cat would look happily out at the camera and I’d be right back at square one. I’m going to be a wimp here and say that all of them are my favorite. Yeah, yeah. Boo me. I bet you can’t pick just one either.

We see so many different types of cats in this video too – longhaired, shorthaired, kittens, older cats. Then again, we also see the cats IN the water. Who knows what the lead-up to this was like. Maybe some of the mommies and daddies are off-screen applying all kinds of ointments to deep scratches on their arms and legs. But to them, the end result is worth any aggravation that they may have initially had.

Do any of you have cats that practically jump into the bathtub when it’s wash time? If so, can you tell us about them in the comments section?

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