Woman Tells Her Foal To Come Closer, And Watch What The Baby Horse Does

There are many animals who appear to believe they are of a different size, and maybe species, than they really are. From tiny little dogs who act as if they were huge and fierce beasts, to big baby elephants who sit on their human friend’s laps as if they were puppies, animals always show everything when it comes to someone’s character. We see this behavior with dogs that are way too big to be lap dogs and baby elephants who want to cuddle, but we don’t often see a horse try to cuddle in someone’s lap.

One of the most social creatures that humans have ever had the chance to live with is horses, and their nobility and strength have been subject of our admiration since ages ago. But given all of this, people sometimes forget that they can be as cute and adorable as any other creature, and when they’re in a comfortable home, they will let their whole personalities out.

The foal in the video below is called Zinsser, and she’ll surprise you when you see how she acts completely different from what she seems. You can see how she acts just like a lap dog with her human best friend, and it’s one of the most beautiful and precious moments I’ve ever had the honor to witness. I wish I had a horse like that sitting on my lap!

Watch baby Zinsser and her adorable personality in the marvelous video right down below and be sure to share it on Facebook.

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