Woman Tells Her Pup They Are Going To See Grandma, And He Does The Cutest Thing!

Remember when you went to visit grandma’s house as a kid? It was always a magical place where your parent’s rules didn’t apply for the duration of the stay. Staying up way passed your bedtime, getting to have all the sweets that weren’t allowed at home, and even getting some new toys and money as gifts just made it such a special and memorable time. As luck would have it, kids are not the only ones that get super excited about going to visit their “Nana.”

Samantha Magowan is the owner of a very curious and extremely cute dog named Georgia. Georgia loves being in the car just as much as the next dog for sure but watch out because there’s one word Samantha says that makes her dog more excited than anything else: That word of course is “Nana!”

Check out the amazing footage of this adorable dog below and see for yourself what happens when Samantha mentions that name. It’s an amazing reaction and it will have you smiling for days on end. When you have finished enjoying the clip please forward it on to as many friends and family as you can. As always please leave a comment below because we always love to hear what you have to say about the videos.

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