Woman thinks tiny cow was accidentally raised as a dog

Kelsey & her husband loved animals and had two pet dogs. However, the most unique thing about their family was that they had a tiny cow, Mello, that loved to stay with them. The kind woman thought they had accidentally raised their cow as a dog.

Mello wanted to be where most people were most of the time. The family had to build a fence around their porch, but somehow he could still climb it. They thought that the cow was strong-headed, literally and figuratively.

Mello always went around making mischief and loved to sit on the couch. Kelsey’s husband was a professional dirt biker, and even she grew up riding them. The family lived on a dirt bike farm. So, the tiny cow was fond of dirt bikes and loved following them.

When they got the tiny cow, they thought about ways to introduce their dogs to Mello. However, since he was literally the size of their dogs, Mello gelled with them quickly. As soon as he saw the dogs, he would start mooing most sweetly.

They even shared the same pen; thus, the dogs and the cow became good friends who hung out together all day long. In addition, Mello loved following his family on walks. Recently, the family even found some friendly kittens with the tiny cow.

Mello was just like this big baby with a very gentle nature. The sweet cow was fond of Kelsey’s son, Ryatt, and would go on evening walks with him. He knew how to be around his baby brother. He would just go around the stroller in circles.

Mello loved to run around the dirt farm to show how happy he was. Being a baby cow’s mom and watching him grow up was fun for Kelsey and her family. What she loved about Mello was how integrated he was into their family.

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Woman thinks tiny cow was accidentally raised as a dog