Woman turns old table into a fancy new dog bed

Woman converts old table into a bed for her dog

There are many uses for old furniture. It is also possible to turn it into a dog bed for your dog, and they deserve no less than a royal bed since they are royalty themselves.

The woman takes a small table and flips it over. Suddenly it is a miniature four-poster bed. She takes out the drawer and all the unnecessary pieces from the table.

She adds a new base using plywood and she makes sure to sand down all the wood because it is important to make sure it is safe and smooth for the dog.

Then she proceeds to put the stain blockers and once the base coat is dry it is time to think of decorating it. You want to customize it for your dog, so she puts masking tape for stripes and dot stickers for spots.

Woman converts old table into a bed for her dog

Using spray paint she paints the entire bed easily, then she removes the stickers which reveal the simple and lovely pattern underneath. She creates a fancy headboard using an empty picture frame.

On the headboard, she paints a picture of her dog’s favorite toy. She sticks it on the bed as her dog watches her add the final touches. On the posts, she adds doorknobs as additional decoration.

The most important piece is the pillow that goes on the bed and in the drawer she places all the toys and doggy treats. She reminds everyone that it all started out as a simple table.

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