This Woman Was Having The Worst Day Of Her Life! You Won’t Believe Her Story!

Sometimes in life it seems that we just aren’t able to get away from our bad luck and unfortunate events just keep hitting us until the point of overwhelming us.  Fortunately, there is no evil that can last 100 years, or anyone that would be able to stand it and humans are a resilient species. Beyond this,  I am firm believer that any half-way decent human being feels the need to help out a fellow , at least once in a lifetime. The following video will definitely give you hope for mankind.

Chantelle, had a horrible year her mother jumped out of a window to escape a house fire, which resulted in PTSD. Her father passed away, her husband was laid-off. And it all seemed to come to a head in a 7-Eleven parking lot. She accidentally locked her dog, Cola, inside with the engine running. The only sets of keys were inside the car. For about an hour she tried to convince someone, anyone, to help her break her window to be able to save the last beacon of hope she had for the year.

Just as Chantelle was on the verge of a breakdown, a woman — a complete stranger — approached Chantelle, watch the video below to find out the moving conclusion!

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