This Woman Wrote Letters For Strangers. When You See Their Response, You’ll Be Moved!

Sharing love is the final goal we as humans have in life. The woman featured in today’s video knows this, and she shares it with the world. Hannah Brencher grew up receiving nice letters from her Mom. She moved to NYC after she graduated from college, and after some time, she started becoming depressed. To deal with her pains, though, she had an amazing idea: she started writing anonymous love letters and left them on public spaces, so that strangers could find and read them when they needed.

She wrote down her hopes, her doubts, and stories that she knew, and she hid the letters away in places like coffee shops and libraries, so that random people could eventually find them and read them. However, she didn’t expect her lovely little act of charity to become something much larger!

Following on her steps, a global movement named “The World Needs More Love Letters” was created so that people were encouraged to write and read letters for and from complete strangers. In the clip below, we see how people started finding Hannah’s letters and how they are touched by them.

It’s amazing how a few words can change so much about your day, and your life. If you agree with Hannah’s sentiment, leave us your thoughts in the comments, and share the video!

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