Woman’s Daring Wild Cat Rescue Caught On Cam

Two baby cubs are found alone, separated from their mother. Rescuers take care of them and make it their mission to safely return these babies to their mother. They diligently give the cubs a check-up and weigh them.

They put one of the beautiful babies on a scale and weighed her. She is about 190 grams, the same weight as a hamster. The rescuers put the cats in a nest to see if the mother would come back for them. The babies cry out in fear when it gets dark in the forest. The mother hears them and seeks out a desperate search to find her babies.

Something spooks the mother, and she abruptly leaves without her cubs. The rescuers come back for the cubs to devise a new plan to reunite the three of them. The rescuers remain hopeful and put the babies back in the nest again to give the mother another chance to return to them.

Since animals have a stronger sense of smell, they spread the cubs’ scent around the nest. The mother comes back to the nest and sniffs around. The cubs’ scent is indeed unmistakable to her. The mother decides it is better to be safe than sorry. She waits until it is dark to procure her little ones.

One of the cubs starts to poke their little head out from the nest. The first cub comes out of the nest. The baby is wondering, “mother, where have you been?” Mama cat quickly snatches up the first cub and takes them to safety.

The mother returns for the second cub and picks it up to lead it to their sibling. The family is reunited, and they run off into the night, delighted to be back together.

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Woman\'s Daring Wild Cat Rescue Caught On Cam