This Woman’s Dog Was Lying On The Ground, Breathless, Until This Hero Saved The Day!

It’s one of the most horrific sights a pet owner or any animal lover could ever face in life. But it became a reality for the woman shown in the video that we featured for you below, who had to face the tragedy when she saw her dog lying in the ground belly up without breathing. One can only imagine how horrible it must be for her to see her dog about to die, and it wouldn’t be easy for anyone, either. But thankfully, this man came in to give a hand and save the day!

When it starts looking like all hope has been lost already, a brave man appeared out of nowhere to save the doggy from certain death. He started performing the famous CPR technique on the dog, just like you would on any human being. Contrary to what you see in movies, this process needs to be repeated for several minutes, and it can be extremely tiresome for the person who performs it, because a lot of pressure has to be applied in the chest for it to work.

Thankfully, the story has a very happy ending. Watch it for yourself in the video just below here!

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