Woman’s singing voice wins over disabled rescue cow

Shani worked with a rescue organization that helped animals in need. They recently came to know about a calf afraid of people around him. So, the team decided to help the poor animal. When Shani met him, she sat next to the baby cow, Nir.

Shani just wanted the calf to become comfortable with her presence. So she calmly sat with Nir and sang a song for him that won the calf’s heart. Slowly the two of them formed their own language. Finally, after a few weeks, Shani found that she was able to pet the calf.

Nir struggled to walk as a calf, breaking Shani’s heart. But, the kind woman really wanted to help the baby cow significantly. So, she and her team drove up to where the cow was staying and took measurements of his stump.

They wanted the prosthetics to be ready for him when he finally came to his new home. When Nir first arrived at the sanctuary, he was suspicious and scared. He did not know what the people around him would do to him.

Eventually, they were able to put the prosthetics on Nir. The calf instantly started to walk and run. Their dog, Nina, ran alongside him. It was amazing to find those two friends playing together.

The rest of the cows in their sanctuary welcomed Nir. But unfortunately, all they saw was a new friend to play with. Shani had an incredible bond with the gentle giant. However, the cow was still not comfortable around people.

Nir only allowed Shani to go near him. So, she had made it her goal to ultimately make the rescue cow overcome his fear of humans. The kind woman believed she had fallen in love with the gentle giant. Shani looked at the cow and saw a beautiful soul staring back at her.

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Woman\'s singing voice wins over disabled rescue cow