Woman’s tiny house offers big city convenience

Adelina was ready to simplify her life and get rid of what was weighing her down, metaphorically and literally. She sold almost all the belongings in her 1200-square-foot townhouse and downsized in search of freedom.

She found freedom in her adorable tiny home called Serendipity. The 37’ long and 9’ wide gooseneck trailer has plenty of space, reaching nearly 400 square feet, including the loft. The bedroom is even tall enough for Adelina to stand in, which was one of the requirements for her new home.

Since she lives in Canada, the cold weather requires some features that may not be common in warmer locations. She has a front entry closet to keep all her cold weather gear and an electric fireplace for extra heat.

Adelina really makes her space functional. A small home office space has room for the printer and files needed for her remote job. Her washer/dryer combination unit works really well and saves space.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, with plenty of counter space and storage. Adelina loves having an apartment-size gas range stove so she can cook big meals for visitors and guests. The kitchen also has two pantries for dry goods storage.

As with most tiny homes, Adelina sleeps in the loft. Unlike other tiny homes, Adelina can stand up comfortably and has two huge windows for a cross-breeze on hot days. It is massive compared to many other lofts.

Adelina’s new tiny life is much more intentional and allows her to focus on the things she loves. Spending time on new experiences and with the people she loves is much easier with the flexibility her tiny home supports.

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