This Woman’s Unexpected First Audition Will Still Give You Chills To This Day

From the time we were very young, we’ve always been reminded not to judge a book by its cover. Even the plainest or most distraught appearances can contain incredible stories and unexpectedly powerful things. People are similar to books in that way. Everyone has a tale to share, but you can’t appreciate what people hold inside if you’re judgmental upon first seeing them. The most beautiful humans can be the most shallow and empty, and some of the most amazing people are the ones who don’t look conventional on the outside.

Susan Boyle is a powerful example of someone whose appearance was less than shiny, but whose talents were remarkable. One of the most beloved singers of the generation, she was originally made fun of during her first appearance on stage. Her audition for Britain’s Got Talent brought on ridicule and a world of assumptions, from judges and audience members alike. Despite their snarky attitudes toward her lack of makeup and “frumpy” outfit, she wasn’t going to let them tear her down, because she knew the talent she held inside.

Her 2009 audition is absolutely iconic and shocked viewers around the world. She stunned the judges with her age reveal, telling everyone that she was 47 years old. Everyone expected her audition to flop, as they didn’t believe in her or her ability to wow the crowd. As soon as Susan hit the first note of “I Dreamed A Dream,” however, everyone’s jaws dropped thanks to her flawless vocals. Even Simon Cowell raised his eyebrows in amazement.

Moving forward, Susan became a finalist in that season and, despite not winning, she’s still finding great success today. Watch the incredible audition tape for yourself and share this inspirational video with your friends! Then, leave your thoughts on this amazing woman’s abilities in the comments!