A woman’s wallet got stolen. 8 years later, a cop returns it with all its contents.

Have you ever gotten your wallet stolen? Believe me, I know the feeling. Getting your wallet stolen is obviously not fun and when this unfortunate situation takes place, there is a typical series of events that occur. At least I remember when it last happened. In my case, it wasn’t lost, it was stolen. I had gone with my family on a black Friday, to our local shopping center.

We had visited a few stores and were looking for the greatest bargain we could find. We went into some stores looking at some clothes and some shoes for the entire family. We didn’t buy anything initially because we wanted to get an idea of what prices looked like at every store. So, we went into this store that was a little more crowded than the rest.

I had a small backpack, one of those that you can use on your shoulder and I was trying on some clothes. I put it on a stool that was there for a couple of minutes and then when I turned back it was gone. I looked everywhere, security cameras and everything, and even though I saw the thief on video, I could never recover the money.

I can relate very well to the feelings of anger and sadness that came with it. For one Boston woman, it would be a different story. You see, Courtney Connolly lost her wallet in 2009 while she was in nursing school. She reported it to the police and tried to see if she could get some leads on it, but she couldn’t. After a few years, she forgot all about the incident.

The details on how she got the wallet back are mysterious, but one thing is clear: she has a guardian angel somewhere looking after her. Her wallet was not only returned in excellent condition, but all her cash and credit cards remained fully intact. I mean, what are the chances of that even happening? I know my wallet never came back.

The Boston police got the wallet and used some of the information there to look for and track one of Courtney’s sisters in law. Once they found her relative, it only took them some time to get her the wallet. When this happened, she couldn’t believe it. It was like something out of a science fiction movie. The wallet looked exactly as it did a few years back. And this is not the only amazing thing, watch the movie for the amazing conclusion!