These Women Don’t Think They’re Being Watched At The Cemetery When Hidden Cameras Cost Them Big

People will do all sorts of things when they don’t think they’re being watched. Whether it’s something embarrassing or downright illegal, when people don’t think they’ll get caught, they often take part in some sort of tempting behavior that they would otherwise avoid doing in public. Sometimes this can be shameful, but other times it can be hilarious.

2,300 people reside in the town of New London, Ohio. While small towns usually provide a family-like environment for all who live there, New London has been facing some seriously upsetting cases of theft. Some vandals have been stealing flowers and all kinds of touching mementos. They’re not stealing from shops like you might expect, however. They’re stealing from the Local Grove Street Cemetery!

Little did they know, the criminals were being caught in the act thanks to some perfectly placed security cameras that captured the events on tape. A dark car was spotted rolling up to the cemetery and two women came out of the vehicle. They started removing items from each grave site, stacking them up in their car. Each of them were identified by police. One woman was a fiscal officer while the other was a native of Sullivan. They were each charged with first-degree misdemeanor theft.

Issues of legality aside, I think we can all agree that it’s never okay to take things from a graveyard. People leave mementos for their loved ones in an attempt to better connect with those who have passed on. It’s a touching tribute to the impact the deceased have made on their family and friends.

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