These Women Froze Onstage. But Don’t Miss What They Do With Their Feet and Hands! OMG

As far as patriotic events and shows go, the United States Navy Band is one of the very best. This military section are always ready to support all of us as a nation, through all the good times and the dark times as well, and they do so by playing and performing amazing compositions. It’s said that auditioning for the band is extremely hard and unforgiving, and only the very best musicians are able to make it in the band. As it should be! Playing in a band to represent your nation is a really honorable duty, and it requires the best.

You might not know it, but there is also a choral part to the Navy band. The Sea Chanters Chorus are a very talented group of singers, who perform in many important national events, that are of political or military nature. They also play shows for the public every now and then. We have brought you a video of them today, and it features them singing a traditional American folk song called “Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie”. You won’t believe it when you see it, it’s breath taking!

You can watch this amazing performance in the video just below. That was really something else, wasn’t it? Leave us your opinions in the comments!

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