These Women Got On The Dancefloor. But When They Turn Around, They Left Me In SHOCK! Whoa!

Carrying a baby in your womb can be really rough for the mom’s body. And the harder part is, even after giving birth to the baby, they don’t get the chance to exercise or work out, because they need to take care of their kid. But there’s something that could change that, and you might’ve heard of it before. It’s called KangaGroove, and it’s rising up in popularity really fast. It’s a special class for new mothers that aims to provide a new way for moms to exercise, while playing and enjoying time with their kid at the same time!

KangaGroove can help in the process of building a relationship and bonding that moms have to go through with their kids, and it’s a perfect way to get active and work out, without having to sacrifice time with your baby. It’s convenient, and fun! See it for yourself in the video we have embedded below. In it, we can see Nicole Pascher, the inventor of the KangaGroove concept, who made it after having her third child. We see a typical class, with the moms and the babies dancing to “Fly”, a classic by Sugar Ray.

This seems very fun, and helpful too! What did you think? Tell us in the comments!

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