Women in red dresses baffle audience with clever magic trick, leaving everyone begging for more

Magic tricks have captivated the world for centuries, but in this day and age, it’s getting harder and harder to pull the wool over our eyes. Or is it?! With the advent of technology, not only has it increased the scope for magicians to use all kinds of camera jiggery-pokery, but it’s also empowered audiences to call foul when someone makes something vanish by using a special effect. However, when you watch something like this on a live television show, maybe it’s time to believe in magic again?

These women, performing on the Korean tube, have everyone second guessing just how they managed to pull off this wonderful visual treat. The live audience isn’t quite sure what they’ve let themselves in for as the women file onto the stage all wearing the same sparking red dress. The 12 girls, smiling ear to ear, then proceed to blow our minds with this incredible trick.

First conjuring bouquets of flowers from what appears to be ordinary sticks, the girls huddle together again in the center of the stage and reveal their next trick. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, several of them are wearing a completely different colored dress! How they have changed so fast has the audience in disbelief! And the fun doesn’t stop there!

One by one they’re all revealed to now be wearing something different, and we’re left second-guessing how they did it. Then, the 12 come together again and repeat the feat, switching from red to yellow to blue within the blink of an eye! The specially choreographed dance is vital to the trick’s success, but they make it look so easy and you’ll certainly be scratching your head as to how they do it!

Switching the backing track to Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love,” the girls change an astonishing three more times before finally finishing their act all wearing black and white polka dot dresses! The TV studio audience goes wild for it, and so does the rest of the internet. It’s been viewed nearly 5 million times and has many people from all over the world offering their explanation as to how they did it.

Now, there are no spoilers here, but after watching it a couple of times you should be able to figure it out for yourselves, yet it’s still thoroughly entertaining nonetheless. Some people still believe it to be camera editing trickery, while some people still believe it’s just magic! Judge for yourselves in the video below!